Our Philosophy

With deep rooted background in construction and manufacturing, we truly believe design is a outcome and solution to a design problem that advances society in some shape or form. In short, great design is at its core is: ‘to improve on previous results.

From the start of every project we approach each design problem in terms of its context, which ranges from program, site and history to function, aesthetics and market relevance. The solution to every design project for us to a meticulous process that culminates in a dynamic interface of experience, form, material and detail. Only after our solution comes to life do we possibly consider it advancement for society.

在建筑业和制造业日渐根深蒂固的背景下,我们真正相信设计是针对一个问题的答案和方法—这个问题就是在某种形式下如何使社会进步。总之,伟大的设计其核心是:“改善过去的结果”。从每一个项目的最开始,我们就把它的内容拆分成一系列设计问题加以处理,从规划,现场和历史到功 能、美学和相关市场。我们解决每一个设计项目的方法是一个细致的过程,是涵盖了体验、形式、材料以 及细节等各方面动态平衡的极致。 只有在这样的解决方案融入到实际生活之后,我们才有可能认为这是 社会的进步。